FULL GARDEN TOUR | Raised Bed No Dig Vegetable Garden

Vegetable Garden
FULL GARDEN TOUR | Raised Bed No Dig Vegetable Garden. Early August in our new veg garden. I started creating this garden 8 months ago. Here is a look at the progress as we grow towards food security.

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About Us.
Byther Farm is a small organic homestead, being designed and managed using permaculture practices. We aim for self-sufficiency in fruit and vegetables for increased self reliance and better resilience to the modern world. I recognise that we are unlikely to be truly self sufficient, but do the best we can. I share our home with my loving husband, Mr J and our cat, Monty.
We are a fifty-something couple who live on a smallholding in Carmarthenshire, Wales. We are going green and creating a gentler, cleaner and more healthy life for our family.
Having had a highly successful smallholding in Monmouthshire, we hope to recreate the abundance at our new home. There will be a large organic kitchen garden with no dig gardening raised beds and young food forest in which to grown our fruit and vegetables.
We keep a few sheep and Aylesbury ducks.

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Other music by www.EpidemicSound.com

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