June Cut Flower Garden Tour & Thoughts About Changes For Next Year! PS. Snapdragons are BLOOMING!

Flower Garden
Hello Garden Gals and Guys! Today I bring you an updated June cut flower garden tour here in Zone 5B in the Chicago suburbs in my 14 raised beds that I’m using for my cut flower garden. This is my first year with those raised beds, so there’s been a tremendous amount of learning happening and I’m sharing some of my thoughts about what I’ll do differently next year. ALSO, the Snapdragons are FINALLY blooming! I’ve gone heavy on the Snaps and boy am I ready for them to start putting on their show! Fortunately, some have started to really bloom!

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Comment below and let me know how you’re spacing your snapdragons – especially if you’re planting in raised beds. Also, let me know what you think I should plant in the front of my cut flower garden where my Ranunculus failed!

Thanks for watching! Happy Planting!

AKA Tiny

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