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Top 4 gardening Secret Tips ||Best powerful fertilizer for Rose plants || Care tips || Salu koshy


In this video i will showing you rose gardening secrets tips for more blooms and organic fertilizer for rose plants.Hope you enjoy this video.

Fertilizer- Natural Bio Tech
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How to grow rose plants from cuttings

Nursery Rose plant care-

Any garden is incomplete without roses. Roses have been the queen of every garden, ever since humans have set their eyes upon this passionate flower.

Plant features
Life cycle: Perennial

Height: 2-8 feet tall, in case of climbers it reaches up to 20 feet

Flowering season: spring, summer and fall

Flower colors: mostly seen in colours like pink, red, dark pink, white, yellow, orange, black etc. Also, nowadays blending of two or more colours are common giving striped or speckled petals.

Foliage: the leaves of rose plant are compound and alternate in nature; generally with 4-7 leaflets.
Growing Rose care

Sunlight: full; 6-8 hours of direct exposure to sunlight.
A few miniature roses can also be grown easily indoors in pots placed near a window sill with filtered sunlight.

Water: moderately, whenever the top soil turns dry. Keep the soil moist but not soggy, to avoid rot and fungal diseases due to over-watering.

Planting season: all year round

Roses are prone to some pests like aphids, stem borers, spider mites, leaf-rolling sawfly, etc., with aphids and spider mites being the most common. Using jet-water is the most effective way to get rid of these pests. Use a hose to water them away whenever these are spotted on your roses. Also, follow these steps to avoid or treat pest infestations:

Regularly spray your beloved roses with organic pesticides such as Neem oil /Neem cake

Handpick the leaves that look shrivelled or rolled over.

To fight mites, make a soap water solution and spray them on rose leaves once a week.

Spraying rosemary oil pesticide can prove helpful in removing mites without killing beneficial insects.

To grow gorgeous roses, it is important to choose the right varieties to plant keeping in mind the growing region and required conditions.Roses are found in a number of varieties. Roses fall into the following categories:

Hybrid tea roses: these roses are very beautiful, often seen at flower shops and bouquets.

Floribunda: they are the most colourful of all varieties, with each bush having many blossoms.

Grandiflora: these are a cross between the hybrid tea and floribunda roses. They are quite tall with several roses clustered to a stem.

Climber roses: these can be trained to stretch vine-like along fences and walls

Miniature roses: intricate and tiny roses, perfect for planting in a container. 

Shrub and landscape roses: hardy and usually resistant to pests and diseases.


Roses  are propagated by mainly two methods:

Stem-cutting which is carried out quite commonly for almost all varieties and

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