How to Make Indoor Water Garden From Recycled Materials | indoor hydroponic gardening//GREEN PLANTS

Indoor Gardening
How to Make Indoor Water Garden From Recycled Materials//GREEN PLANTS.

Growing plants in water without soil, indoor hydroponic gardening.
Small freshwater gardens are easy to create and simple to care.

Things to make these Indoor Water Garden

– Old Waste plastic bottles/ Glass bottles / storage containers/jars
– Gravel stones
– Fresh water
– Water plants/ suitable indoor water plants

Plants-Money plant/Pothos, Spider plant, Arrowhead plant, Lucky bamboo, Marsh pennywort plant

Making indoor water garden
– Prepare the bottles/containers for small water garden
– Rinse the gravels with fresh water / completely clean the dust and dirt
– Then add base layer in a few inches of gravels stones to the bottom of the bottles.
– Next set and tuck the plant roots into the gravels.
– Add/Fill water to the garden
– After all keep them in indirect light places/indoor places

Maintenance Indoor Water Garden
– Change water once a week.
– This water garden should receive bright indirect light do not place them in direct sunlight.

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