#25 4 Gardening Tips for Beginner | My first harvest in the small Vertical Garden on the Balcony

Gardening Tips
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The balcony garden is only 2m2 but contains my great love. Although the vertical garden is small and has many shortcomings, I have tried to overcome and improve it, Therefore, the trees have the best growing conditions. I have a few tips for a better, fresher garden that I want to share with you guys.
Take a walk around my small vertical garden and see how I take care of them. Hope you will find inspirations from this video!
If you have any questions, comment down below this video. Thanks!

00:00 Intro
00:55 My breakfast
02:50 Bake egg shells
04:00 Homemade Bug Spray
05:50 Bokashi Composting
06:35 Gardening
11:00 Harvesting
12:50 Rolls dishes

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